Suja Juice Cleanse [Day 1]

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Suja Juice and the content is original and mine.  However, I would not be opposed to being sponsored by Suja juice ;)

My family is a huge wine and food family.  All family events are centered around delicious food and amazing wine.  How can you beat that?  Seriously, my family is pretty amazing.  This did not change when I went to New York last weekend for my sister’s 30th birthday.  I basically had a glass of wine in one hand and a fork in the other the entire time.  New York has the most delicious food and endless options to dine.  Perfect for my family.  To say the least since I have not posted about my trip YET, we ate and drank A LOT.  When I got home from my trip all I could think about was how out of balance my body was after that trip and how much it was craving nutrients.

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I knew I was going to do a juice cleanse but I wanted it to be solid.  I juice all the time from home but its usually only for breakfast, or maybe after a workout on my day off.  The reasoning is because I have a centrifugal juicer and not a cold-pressed juicer.  Totally different.  The fast speed at which my centrifugal juicer annihilates fruits and vegetables is convenient, but does not allow the juice to last long after it is made.  I have to drink it immediately which is not ideal for a cleanse.  My ideal cleanse is all juice, all day, nothing else.  Since I am at work the majority of the day I needed something that is fast, delicious, and reliable as far as nutrients go.

I can’t even tell you how I heard about Suja juice but I am SO happy I did.  I am always skeptical of bottled juices for a number of reasons, but mainly because I feel like I can make the combinations at home.  Not that I can’t make Suja juice combinations at home, because I can, but they are unique and SO delicious.  After looking online for a few days and debating on whether or not to just buy a 3-day cleanse case and have it sent to me, I decided to opt for just going to Whole Foods and buying it.


  • Quality ingredients
  • Cold-pressed
  • High pressure used to extend shelf-life (instead of preservatives or no method at all)
  • Amazing flavor combinations


  • Shipping is $36.  I understand they have to be cooled properly and it is very expensive to ensure this, but it is still difficult to justify when I can just go to Whole Foods and purchase the cleanse without shipping.
  • There is no discounted rate for buying the cleanses.  I feel they would experience a boost in their sales for cleanses if they offered discounted pricing instead of just buying the bottles individually.  Even a 15% discount would be worth it.

I began the cleanse this morning at 9am and concluded it at 8pm.  I made a schedule for myself, as follows:

9 am – Drink “Fiji” juice

10 am – Drink 30 oz water

11 am – Drink “Glow” juice

12 pm – Drink 30 oz water

1 pm – Drink “Fuel” juice

2 pm – Drink 30 oz water

3 pm – Drink “Master Cleanse” juice

4 pm – Drink 30 oz water

5 pm – Drink “Spark” juice

6 pm – Drink 30 oz water

7 pm – Drink “Vanilla Cloud”

8 pm until bed – Drink water

I made sure to write down how I felt throughout the day and my thought on the specific juice I was drinking at that time.

[ Day 1 Suja Juice Cleanse Journal ]

9:30 am – I was still getting ready for work at 9am so I opted to start drinking the Fiji juice on the way to work.  When I started drinking the juice I was hungry but the feeling was not overwhelming.  I loved the taste of the Fiji as it immediately reminded me of the fresh juice I make at home.  It filled me up and I was done drinking it by 10 am.

photo 2

10 am – I started drinking water, as I normally do, and finished 30 oz by 10:30.  I was not hungry and had lots of energy.

11 am – I began drinking Glow and it had a taste I did not expect, which I knew was from the mint.  I have juiced with mint before and I think the amount that I used was definitely more than Suja used because the mint flavor is muted.  Nonetheless, it was refreshing and continued to make me feel full.  I had lots of energy and was not uncomfortable from all the liquids.

photo 3

12 pm – I drank about 20 oz of water ending at 12:45 pm when I began to get hungry.  It was the perfect timing for my next juice.

1 pm – LOVE the flavor combination of Fuel juice.  The combination was so refreshing and offered a nice jolt from the green juice I was drinking all morning.  This juice seemed heartier than the previous two which I believe is due to the carrots.

photo 4

2 pm – Not feeling hungry but consistently drinking water.  Lots of energy.

3 pm – Slight hunger pain but perfect timing to start my next juice, the Master Cleanse.  It offered a nice kick from the cayenne and had a great balance of sweet and sour.

photo 5

4 pm – Still slightly hungry and feeling hunger pains but consistently drinking water to ease this.  I drank 1L of water by 5pm.

5:20 pm – Leaving work I was hungry and began to crave actual food.  I started to drink Spark juice while driving home and fell in LOVE.  SO SO SO SO good and definitely my favorite juice, so far.  Slightly tart but just sweet enough to balance it out.  There is a strong strawberry flavor with a hint of cherry and raspberry, and a small kick from the cayenne which is a great contrast to the berries.  I could drink Spark juice all day.  This juice was definitely thicker than the others so it filled me up.

photo 6

6:30 pm – Drank 1L water and felt mild hunger creeping up but no craving for actual food, just something to fill my empty stomach.

7:30 pm – Last juice of the night is Vanilla Cloud.  SO SO good and tied with Spark juice as my favorite.  I hoped that this juice would fill me up for the rest of the night due to the almonds and coconut meat.

photo 7

7:50 – Finished Vanilla Cloud and still hungry.  I blame my boyfriend because he called me and asked if I wanted to go to one of my favorite restaurants and he talked about how starved he was.  I reminded him of my cleanse, even though hummus, salad, and pita images danced around in my head.

8 pm to bed – Continued to drink water with slight hunger pains but nothing overwhelming or painful.

photo 8

All in all, I love these juices.  Suja Juice knows what they’re doing and I recommend their products to ANYONE.  I am going to stock up and utilize them as a quick breakfast, before workout boost, or late night treat. :P

I encourage everyone to try a juice cleanse as there are a laundry list of benefits.  Some may choose to eat clean on these cleanses, but I suggest no solid food while cleansing.  This allows the body to quickly absorb the nutrients from the juices into your system where they are made readily available.  Solid food in your stomach will slow this process and will oxidize juice much more quickly.  This also allows your body to reset.

If you are craving sweets, fast foods, junk foods, etc, CLEANSE.  It will reset your tastebuds and soon after the thought of a piece of cake or pizza will sound awful to you! ;)

If you experience gastrointestinal distress in any way, such as gas, bloating, constipation, IBS, Crohns, UC, etc, CLEANSE.  It will allow your GI tract to heal itself.

Think of a cleanse as a reboot.  The toxins we experience through foods and everyday lives reek havoc on our systems.  A cleanse offers a way for your body to catch up and repair and reboot itself to start fresh.

I’m going to stop typing, and you need to start driving to your nearest Whole Foods to buy these juices!  Seriously.

I’ll be back with Day 2 of my juice cleanse!

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  1. You’ve totally convinced me to try this! Out of curiosity, how much did the 3-day cleanse cost? I’m supposed to be doing a no-spend April but I’m thinking this would fall under my allowed “health” costs :)

    • Christina says:

      It is worth it! For 3 days it was about $160. I have seen discount codes pop up on Facebook and Instagram ;)

  2. Now I am convinced to try this! Thanks Christina for the update!

    • Christina says:

      I would never recommend anything that was not great and worth trying. If you do try it, let me know what you think!

  3. Hi Christina,

    This weekend I had a chance to try the Suja juices at Whole Foods, although some of the juices were good, I am not totally convinced. After following the whole juicing regime, how did you do and feel at the end of the juicing? I look forward to your response. Thanks,

    • Hi Christine! I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Were you not convinced on the flavor of the juices or the juice cleanse itself? At the end of my 3-day juicing regimen I felt cleansed with lots of energy. I have completed multiple juice cleanses but Suja was the first one that I have purchased. I prefer freshly made juices that have been cold-pressed to maintain nutrient value, but Suja juices are a portable cleanse, since I prefer to not carry around my juicer and bags of fresh produce to odd places :) Please let me know any other questions you may have or feel free to email me anytime at

  4. I read on the Suja website that Spark and Master Cleanse are not supposed to be used for juice cleanses because they don’t contain enough calories. Also, you did not drink the juice in the recommended order. Do you think this is why you were hungry?

    • Christina says:

      Hi Erin!

      As stated in my post, I intentionally did not follow the exact cleanse that Suja recommends. This was partially due to my Whole Foods being out of a few of the juices and that was not enough reason for me to not try it. Also, please keep in mind that the creators of Suja are not Registered Dietitians and their recommendations are exactly that, personal recommendations. That being said, I loved the juices and had a great experience. I am going to be doing another Suja juice cleanse in the near future and plan to follow the cleanse exactly to give everyone an insight to the actual cleanse. I believe my slight hunger was due to me trying to stay on schedule while I was working and that was not a realistic goal. The times when I was hungry can be attributed to me being behind in water consumption and not staying on schedule with the juice that was next in line. I hope this helped answer your questions and please let me know if you have any others :)

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  7. Just to be Clear there IS yes IS a discount when buying Suja at whole foods market when you buy a case you save 10% off. Yes 10% off and a case comes in 6 bottles at a time you can mix and match as long as your buying the ones at the same price and size.

    • Thank you for this information! At the time of this post, my Whole Foods did not offer cases of Suja juice and I don’t believe Suja had released them yet. Either way, it is great to see the cases available when I go to Whole Foods :)

  8. Hello Christina,I read your post, it’s really good.I also want to buy this SUJA.After the whole day exertion we can use it to relax our self and I hope that it will help in weight loss. Is there any special flavor available for kids? Please inform me.

    • Hi Rachel! I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the post on Suja juice. I do not recommend using a juice cleanse as a means to lose weight, and instead recommend to use a juice cleanse to rid the body of excess toxins and kick cravings that you may have (sugar). All flavors are kid-friendly, however, each child has a different palate. Some may love the green juices they offer and some may find them bitter or not as tasty as the ones with fruit. I hope this helped answer your question. Please let me know if there is anything else I may answer.


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