Thursday Things 01.10.13

The weather here has been crazy, and by crazy I mean a good crazy.  Some days it rains and storms and others it is sunshine and a cool 55-60 degrees.  Now, in my opinion Arizona could go down to 30 degrees and I would be the happiest crazy person in the world, and by crazy I mean amazing.

I am just going to say it – Arizona has THEE best sunsets I have ever seen.  How can you compete with this?

photo 1

RIGHT?!?!  How is that real.  Cotton candy skies and palm trees swaying in the wind…okay, palm trees don’t sway, their leaves rustle.  You get my point.

I have not posted my daily eats in a long time.  Most likely because I have been consuming the same thing for breakfast every single morning for the past couple of weeks:

photo 2

Coconut Steel Cut Oats with cherries and shredded coconut, all washed down with kombucha.  You need to find this flavor and brand of kombucha, and by find it I mean buy a case!

A little secret that I can share with all of you is that when my hair is ridiculous and completely unmanageable, I throw it up in a bun!

Bunday Monday:

photo 7

Speaking of ridiculousness, my roommate turned into a hipster:

photo 3

photo 444

Yesterday I had a great start to the school season, and by great start I mean I assumed the fetal position in the corner of the classroom and rocked back and forth…not really, but I could feel the stress and anxiety building as I peered over my syllabus for each course.

Introducing my secret, no matter where I am or whether I am driving:

Pandora “white noise” station

photo 4

I always tell people who are stressed, “breathe, relax, yoga of the mind.”

In between my classes I have an hour break.  At first I thought I would hate this because I am so used to bouncing from class to class without a break in between as a way to just get it over with as soon as possible.  Never again.  That break was glorious.  I listened to my white noise and munched on this delicious salad:

photo 9

Spinach, strawberries, chickpeas, avocado, coconut shreds, and vinaigrette.

It is from the cutest and most convenient lunch spot at ASU called “Bowl of Greens.”  Lots of Mediterranean flavors and make-your-own salads.  They even have a juice and smoothie bar!

photo 8

I need those carrots in my life.  They are larger than my forearm, after one juice I’d be orange for days! ;)

Perfect break.  I also caught up on reading all of your blogs out there.  Someone please tell me how I receive gift cards to test out activewear and Polar monitors!? You ladies are amazing. ;)

After school I headed home to attempt to get ahead on lab work – bleh!  Nothing more tedious than lab work.

That is all.  Short and sweet.

Enjoy your day! :D

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  1. Christina, I have gotten so bogged-down and backed-up,I have missed looking at so many posts, but yours are all in my inbox…great pix and by all means, you are young and healthy, so stay that way.Take the break!

  2. I lived in Phoenix for about 9 mos and although it did get cold there in the winter and obvi super hot in the summer, the sunsets were spectacular!

    • The sunsets are unlike anything I have seen anywhere else in the country. So beautiful! Summers kill me and our winter has lasted about 4 weeks because now it is 60-70 degrees. Do you ever visit?

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