What I was doing when I wasn’t baking cookies

Everyone remember 8 days of cookies?

With what seemed like thousands of cookies baked, zero freezer and storage space for the cookies, and just endless amounts of dough, 8 days of cookies is OVER.  My cookie baking days are on hold for quite some time.  At least until someone pays me to make a batch for them ;)

8 days of cookies prevented me from posting anything other than cookies for 8 days straight because I was so exhausted from scooping endless dough balls.  Don’t laugh.  It happened.  However, not all my time was spent baking cookies.  Here is a look at the past two weeks of my life:

My new roommate [cousin] moved in and I welcomed her by making one of her favorites:

Shrimp & Cheesy Grits [I will post the recipe soon]

photo 1

The next day I made my other roommate get in the holiday spirit and she pouted on the couch:

photo 2

Or is she sleeping?

That afternoon I took my cousin to lunch at one of our favorite places: Postino Wine Cafe

photo 3

Best bruschetta EVER.  Great salads.  Great wine.  Great EVERYTHING.

Later that night we went to O.H.S.O:

photo 6

My roommate loves a great beer but we couldn’t let her tag along.

She threw a temper tantrum:

photo 4

and pouted again:

photo 5

The next day was a BIG day.  Bears vs Cardinals:

photo 7

18th row on the 50 yard line?!!?  Thanks mom and dad :P

photo 8

Top: Splendid // Vest: BB Dakota // Belt & Necklace: H&M // High-rise Denim: James Jeans // Boots: Steve Madden // Handbag: Gucci

photo 9

photo 10

photo 11

BEARS WON!  Could not have had a better day!

Look who was waiting for me when I got home:

photo 12

photo 13

Look at that face!! KILLS ME!

Christmas came and went quickly.  We have a tradition:  Out to dinner Christmas Eve and go back to my parents and open presents, then Christmas day I cook at my house.  It was such a great day with such great people.

Me and my roommate Christmas morning.  Hadn’t even left my bed yet:

photo 14

My roommate received a bunny for Christmas and hasn’t left it’s side yet:

photo 17

photo 18

Unfortunately, my Christmas joy didn’t last.  I was sick for a week and just felt awful!

photo 15

photo 16

Lots of miso soup and udon noodles with a side of hot water with lemon and honey.  No air through the nose = complete loss of taste.  Bleh.

Luckily, I am better now, and just in time to have enjoyed such a great first of the year!

Today I woke up and enjoyed toast with sunflower seed butter and apricot jam.

photo 19

All before heading off to a much needed massage at Firesky Resort and Spa:

photo 20

photo 23

After my massage I was a complete limp noodle.  Worthless.  It took me a decent hour to get the motivation to work my own legs into cleaning around the house.

I took my Christmas decorations down which always makes me so sad.  To me, taking down Christmas decorations means that 3,000 degree heat is just around the corned :(

photo 24

I then went into a vacuuming frenzy because I was beyond excited over my new vacuum that I received for Christmas.  Lets just say vacuums do not get along with the combination of my roommate and I’s hair.

The result?

photo 25

photo 26

You can gag now.

That is all for today!  See, I am capable of other things besides baking cookies!  Haha. :P

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