Thursday Things 11.15.12

It’s almost Thanksgiving!!!  How tired are you of hearing about how fast time is going by.  Well, let me add to it by saying that before we know it Christmas will be here.  This is my favorite time of year and it truly makes me wish that I still lived in the Midwest to experience the holidays and seasons changing.  It has cooled off here, not too much, but enough to where I can bust out le fancy schmancy winter socks and turn on the fireplace.

photo 1

Le sigh.

This is what Scottsdale looks like this week:

photo 6

50’s!!!  I can hardly contain myself.

Yesterday two great things occurred:

1. Bulls Game!!!

photo 2

No D. Rose but the game was still amazing!  It was decided that Joakim Noah is probably the one man who can compete with my crazy hair.

2. Dandy Blend arrived from!!!

photo 3

I could not wait to get this in the mail.  I used to take dandelion root in pill form for digestive issues (before being diagnosed with IBS).  All of a sudden, Dandy Blend popped up on Tina’s blog and I knew I had to give it a try since she deals with colitis.

Dandy blend comes in a powdery substance that easily dissolves in liquid.

Uses for dandelion root:

  • appetite loss
  • intestinal gas or discomfort
  • gallstones
  • muscle aches
  • acts as a laxative to push bowels through
  • systems of liver disorders

The benefits from switching to liquid from pill form is that the liquid will be easily absorbed into my system for use.

photo 4

I quickly whipped up a batch, took one sip, and fell in LOVE.

photo 5

1 c hot water, 1 heaping teaspoon Dandy Blend, 2 tbls vanilla coconut milk

Dandy Blend smells and tastes like coffee, but is not bitter nor does it have an aftertaste.  Not to mention it is caffeine free so I will not have to deal with withdrawal headaches that always turn into migraines.  I am SO excited that I found a great coffee substitute.  Caffeine affects me differently every time.  One day I will drink it and be fine, and the next I will have a migraine and major stomach cramps.  Thankfully I do not have to deal with that again, unless I decide to brave it and give in to the winter wonderland of coffee that is Starbucks. :P

Well, this is a quick post (again).  I have been absolutely slammed with school this past week and will continue to be until the semester is over in mid December.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Question: Who is your NBA team?

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  1. I hope you enjoy that and feel well….I like the change in the seasons, really but it is suddenly cold here and …well…me no like! You don’t have the ‘joy’ of scraping your windshield,side windows and rear window of frost like I had to do this morning! Enjoy the cool 70’s.

    • I am from the Midwest so I am all too familiar with that type of scraping and chiseling of ice off windows :) I definitely do not miss that, but it is the seasons changing that really makes me miss it.

  2. I love your cute socks! haha! I have the same reactions to caffeine, I never know how it will effect me. Annoying!


  1. […] I shared photos from the week and my amazingly awesome socks: Thursday Things 11.15.12 […]

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