Meanwhile At Trader Joe’s…

Happy Monday, everyone!  It is easy for me to say that because I have not worked in two weeks and don’t return to work until Saturday :P .  I can not tell you what an amazing feeling it is to not stress over the small, petty, affairs at work and focus on the bigger picture, such as, school.  More time also means more time to wander through the grocery store to make purchases that I don’t need.  I stopped in Trader Joe’s to pick up a few items I needed to make a second, double, batch of my Chipotle Vegetable Chili (because it’s THAT good) and here is what I also came out with:

photo 1

LOVE Acorn squash so much.  Maybe I will post a recipe for my favorite way to prepare it :)  Notice how it says, “Microwave or bake.”  Yeah, about that…I learned my lesson from this experience to just be patient and let it roast in the oven.

photo 2

Now, this is a funny one.  See that lovely “ORGANIC” labeling, my friends?  THAT is what we, in the business world, like to call MARKETING.  I hate it.  Unless it says “Certified Organic,” it is NOT organic.  This is also true if it says “Natural.”  These are scams to get you to buy the product.  Yes, I purchased this honey, but it was only because I did not feel like driving 20 minutes to Whole Foods to spend $20 on a jar of my favorite Certified Organic Raw Honey.

photo 3

If you have not purchased this, or maybe you walked by it in the Home section, and possibly you don’t even know this exists – BUY IT NOW!  I can not stress how amazing this feels and how delicious it smells.  However, ingredients are pretty lengthy, which I am normally not a fan of, but still love it.

photo 4

I use this tempeh ALL the time.  It is not bitter like a few other brands I have tried, so no boiling or pre-cooking required!  Dice it and throw it in Chipotle Vegetable Chili or grate it to add to My Top Secret Ragu Sauce.

photo 5

I reacted like a kid on Christmas when I saw this.  I am OBSESSED with coconut milk yogurt and normally head to Whole Foods to pick up So Delicious version of yogurt.  The poor associate was arranging these in such a nice, orderly fashion, and then there was me.  I demolished it.  I took every single one and didn’t feel the slightest bad.  Mainly because he understood my dry sense of humor when I said, “back away from the coconut yogurt if you know what’s good for you.”  He turned and replied, “just mess up my whole display you yogurt nazi.”  Amazing.  We are now best friends.  Not really.

photo 6

Can you tell I am a coconut fanatic?  THIS STUFF.  Seriously, this stuff is amazing.  I swear, there is something about it that tastes like marshmallows.  Call me crazy, but don’t knock the idea until you have tried this.  The bonus besides being liquid gold in my world?  The nutrition stats.  There is no protein (bummer), but Calcium 30%, Vitamin D 25%, and B12 25% daily recommended value.  Not bad, not bad.  Yes, almond milk has amazing stats for all of the above, including protein, BUT coconut milk is my weakness, so this works for me.

photo 7

Talk about a splurge!  The nutritional stats on this baby are non-existent, but man is it delicious!  I had to, it’s Fall after all!  My preferred way to indulge in this is to heat it up in a giant mug.  Try it, you’ll thank me :)

photo 9

Another splurge because this has no type of nutritional value, ever.  It’s purpose is to be addicting and delicious, causing you to spread it on anything you can imagine, even if that anything is your finger :P

photo 8

Lastly, breath bones for my roommate.  She tends to have bad breath, sometimes.  She also loves to stare longingly into your eyes – with her mouth open.  Yikes, bikes, she needs these.  The bonus is that she loves them and they turn her poop green.  TMI?  :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Question: What is your favorite Trader Joe’s item(s), right now?

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  1. I am eager to see what you do with the squash! I have never cooked with that kind before!

    Happy Monday! <3

  2. Ah, so many awesome finds at TJ. I dont know how anyone could not LOVE that store!!

  3. I only just found out there is a Trader Joe’s a bout 45 miles from me! Hurray! I will check it out ASAP!

  4. Oh my gosh! I need that mustard ASAP. I’m kind of a mustard fanatic. I like to have at least 3 – 4 in the fridge. I mean, who doesn’t need a variety of mustards to choose from?

    I bought myself a treat from Trader Joe’s just last weekend. Their dark chocolate with toffee, pecans, and walnuts. Soooo good. It have one piece per night for dessert.

  5. I am right beside you with 4 types of mustard in my fridge! Mustard fanatics unite :P

    How is this the first time I have heard about that dark chocolate bar, I have to have that in my life immediately :D

  6. Yum! Love acorn squash.


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